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Please note that in general we do not bulk-bill although exceptions may be considered.

A referral is essential for an initial appointment. A mental health care plan is also essential if you plan to see a psychologist and wish to receive the Medicare rebate.

Your GP or other referrer should send the referral to us directly.

No appointments will be made until the referral is received and processed by the relevant clinician.


For GPs

We are dedicated to providing diagnostic and management advice to GPs. We will endeavour to deliver timely reports to General Practitioners.

General Practitioners will be kept informed of any important changes to medications or other therapies. The General Practitioner will remain the primary prescriber with patients managed under Primary care Psychiatric Management Plans (Medicare 291/293 arrangements).

GPs, please fax referrals to (03) 8677 2946 or

email to   and include:

  • Presenting Problem
  • Medical and Psychiatric History
  • Copies of previous Psychiatry or Psychology reports
  • Current and Past Treatments
  • Current and Past Medications
  • Your Expectations/Questions
  • For Psychiatric referrals please indicate if you are considering an assessment for Primary care management plan and periodic re-assessment / reviews only (Then indicate in the referral assessment -medicare item 291 and review – item 293).  If the referral is for psychiatric treatment and management by the psychiatrist, then please indicate as ongoing psychiatric treatment.
  • For Psychology referrals and Mental Health Social Worker referrals please indicate that the referral is under Mental Health care plan for initial 6 sessions and also mention a possible diagnosis (ie. Depression, Anxiety, Adjustment Disorder) as vague descriptions such as stress is not funded by medicare. (Total of 10 psychology sessions will be funded by Medicare in a Calendar Year.)
Intensive Caring

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